Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Halfway Mark

So here we are already wrapped in the cozy arms of December! Merely weeks away from Christmas and a New Year!

The Holiday Pin Up Sessions are booked out and ready to be wrapped up cuter than the perfect gift! Here's my most recent from the holiday pin ups!

It's been a complete blast working with so many beautiful women from all walks of life. All doing this for themselves, and a few doing this for their hubby's! I've gotten quite a tickle from women coming up with elaborate stories to tell their hubbies so we can shoot in private, and then getting their first pic and spilling the beans! Too cute!

So whats up next? Ta- Ta to Oly! Special will be running Dec 26th through 29th before we move to Cali! $85 includes your hair and makeup as well as a 45 minute session and 3 edited photos. Shoots will be at mi casa, as usual!

Hope everyone has a fab holiday & spends it with the ones they love!