Monday, January 24, 2011

Hot Pink Eye Makeup Vol. 1

Just wanted to share my first eye- make up experiment with y'all!

I'm using the Shany 120 palette and I just took this on my phone real quick and did a light edit, I think next time I ll just put on face makeup too so I dont have to edit my skin :) But I was really impressed with how vivid the colors are. The one thing I am not super impressed with is that there is no color name or number as a reference so if I wanted to point out which colors they were I couldn't really do that without taking a pic of the eye makeup palette and using arrows to point them out LOL.

Oh well!

Here are a few more pics from my make up trial- Next time around I ll actually set up my lights and do my hair etc to show you the makeup in full effect. Thanks for popping by & happy  Monday!

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